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These following are abridged summaries of each OVA episode. However, if you don't think you can find the actual series, or have seen it and want to see either episode's guide of cultural references, go ahead to the "Full Synopsis" pages.
Episode One:
Tokyo is being plagued by The Demon Seed, whom are using giant robots to pull their massive thefts. The city has dedicated a small office (rented over a video store) to the The Special Operations Anti-Demon Seed Team, which is little more than Chief Hattori and his four office guys. Finally, Hattori goes forth with the Idol project, which is to select a cute girl to pilot a power suit and stop the Demon Seed. After a dull, randomly-chosen talent show, the police find their girl: thirteen year old Maron Namikaze! She is granted her robotic costume and starts training to become a J-Pop idol, and all the while, The Demon Seed plans its latest attack at a gold-filled museum exhibit...
Episode Two:
Three months after Maron busted the Demon Seed, Chief Hattori realizes Maron's popularity is fading. He proceeds to rejuvinate her fame with a fan club, record contract and numerous commericials. The Demon Seed are currently immobile due to having all their Mecha beyong repair, but they begin planning another heist. Meanwhile, Dr. Shimokobe becomes frustrated that the robot suit he created is only being used as Maron's idol costume, and crosses sides. Maron becomes a candidate for the Best New Artist Award, getting into direct competition with Kagiri Sonoba, just as Maron's idol career goes underway. Soon enough, The Demon Seed is back on track, and set their newest heist on the same day as the Music Awards...

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