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Assemble Concert

American Promotional Poster: This would have been sent to shop owners to coax them into ordering DVDs for their stock. On side two, there's technical stats for the DVDs, little pictures, the summary, and...boy, I wish I could read the paragraph in the upper left-hand corner...
Japanese Promotional Poster: Maron stands amongst some info, little cast pictures, and the first OVA's release date. (Is that October 11th, or November 10th?) Look at the little yellow inlet...I think that may be an offer for an Assemble Insert calendar!
"Maron's First Single" Poster: This is pretty! I assume it's rare, though...I could only find one of these on Yahoo Auction Japan. I also think it may have been to promote the impartial soundtrack release in 1989.
DVD & Laserdisc Covers
American DVD, 2001: Maron with her studio headphones, staring at the viewer. This cover looks almost mysterious as to what the show is about.
American DVD, 2004: A bright, bubble-font version with some stock art. This is currently the easiest version to find.
Japanese Laserdiscs, 1989: They're huge! These have the covers of either manga volume.
Japanese DVD, 2005: A new pose of Maron, in modern anime style. This does seem a little generic, though...
CD Covers
OVA Soundtrack: Maron and the office guys. Complete with Hiroko Kasahara's five main songs, and background music.
Concert Soundtrack: Eight songs from a promotional concert Hiroko did; three of the songs are actually from the anime, while the other five must be her originals. For more information on the concert, see this page.
Manga Covers
There is a more elaborate, two-volume manga series by Masami Yuuki, but it is impossible to find outside of Japan.
Volume One: Maron in a cute pose, standing before Demon Mecha #1.
Volume Two: Maron in an alternate-colour costume, with Demon Mecha #2, which is now red instead of gold.
"Masami Yuuki: Early Days" Compilation Volume: Maron's costume goes through a huge change. The colours are blue and yellow, her stomach and legs are revealed, and her scarf is now a ribbon. She stands on some destroyed grey Demon Mecha, juggling dumbells.
OUT Magazine #12: Maron in a mod, early 1990's outfit.
Continue Magazine: The cover of a tribute issue to Masami Yuuki. Assemble Insert was mentioned in passing, and on the cover, Maron is beside Tetsuwan Birdy's forehead. Strangely, Maron is again in her skimpy costume, leading me to think that Masami redesigned her costume in recent years.
Yuuki Masami Chronicle: This is a special book commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Masami Yuuki's career, with interviews, best selections of his manga, a character guide and concept art. Maron's on the cover in her now-canon skimpy costume, stuck between Noa and Birdy's boobs...
Maron Figure: This would be EXTREMELY rare. I found the picture on this page, and while I first assumed it to be a custom, the rest of the figures look authentic.
Maron, Second Costume: A lineart picture of Maron in her mysterious costume from the compilation volume. She reminds me of a human, female Astro Boy like this. (EDIT: This is Masami Yuuki's new millenium redesign. I personally don't like it at all, as it's way too revealing.)
Model Kit: I can only find a decent picture of the box, sadly. As I saw in a thumbnail picture, the figure inside is Maron in her school uniform. The person selling this can be reached at this address (hopefully, he's still active) or here. When I'd last seen the site this picture was on, it was $45.00.

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