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Cover of the 1994 Super Famicon video game
Mobile Police Patlabor (機動警察パトレイバーKidou Keisatsu Patoreiba) is Masami Yuuki's series about police robots called Labors in the near future. It's generally his most well-known series in America, but is on the same level of fame with Kyukyoku Choujin R in Japan. Taking place in Tokyo from 1998 to 2002, the story centres on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Section 2 Division 2 team, particularly young officer Noa Izumi.
The Patlabor franchise includes all of the following. The manga is available only partially in english, but all animated material is available on Region 1 DVD, and the first two movies have different dubs by Bandai and Madman Entertainment...
  • Shounen Sunday Manga: Drawn and written by Masami Yuuki, this ran from 1988-1994 and spanned 22 volumes.
  • First OVA Series: From 1988 to 1989, six direct-to-video episodes were made, based directly on the manga. A seventh OVA was made to promote the movie...
  • Patlabor The Movie: Made in 1989 and directed by Mamoru Oshii, the SV2 team tries to figure out why Labors around Tokyo are going berserk, and what a late scientist has to do with it.
  • Patlabor: The TV Series: From 1989 to 1990, there were 47 TV episodes featuring an alternate origin story for the SV2 team, and brings in the Griffon Labor.
  • Patlabor P-Series: Sixteen OVAs from 1990 to 1992, taking place all throughout and after the TV series.
  • Patlabor 2 - The Movie: A 1992 movie about terrorists attacking Tokyo, centred mostly on two of the characters, Shinobu Nagumo and Kiichi Gotoh. The plot came mostly from the fifth and sixth original OVAs.
  • WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3: Also known as "Wasted Thirteen", this movie centred more on the two detectives from the movies, following an enormous genetically-engineered monster in Tokyo Bay.
  • MiniPato: Three comedic short films released with Patlabor 3, featuring the characters as small paper puppets. They were run before the movie in random order, so one would have to go to the movie three times to see them all.

Here are most of the main characters who appear throughout the franchise...

Noa Izumi

SV2’s energetic lead female officer, whom nicknamed her Labor “Alphonse”, after her dog. She’s a tomboy, easily the best Labor pilot in the group and very knowledgeable about Labors, but is sometimes a little impulsive. Her family owns a liquor store, and somehow this gives her a large tolerance to alcohol.

She is voiced by Miina Tominaga, and Elisa Wain / Briony Glassco (Manga movie dub) / Julie Ann Taylor (Bandai movie dub) / Michelle Ruff (third movie).


Asuma Shinohara

The son of the Shinohara Heavy Industries founder, whose company produces 90% of all Labors in use. He is Noa and Hiromi’s commanding field officer, smart and honest, but often with a short temper. Later on, it appears that he is in love with Noa.

He is voiced by Toshio Furokawa, and Dan Green / David Jarvis (Manga movie dub) / Doug Erholtz (Bandai movie dub) / Richard Hayworth (third movie).


Kiichi Gotoh

The charismatic and politically-savvy captain of SV2. Despite his laidback appearance, he is subtle, manipulative and able to come up with strategies for any situation. He is very familiar with his team, and infatuated with Shinobu.

He is voiced by Ryuusuke Oobayashi, and Micheal Schwartz / Peter Marinker (Manga movie dub) / Roger C. Smith (Bandai movie dub) / Darran Norris (third movie).


Shinobu Nagumo

The captain of SV1, she is a strong, highly-regarded woman who occasionally clashes with Gotoh for his unconventional methods. She is always willing to help the SV2 in an emergency, and is familiar with all of the Labor pilots.

She is voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara, and “Adrianna” / Ami Shukula (P-Series) / Sharon Holm (Manga movie dub) / Karen Thompson (Bandai movie dub) / Michelle Ruff (MiniPato).


Isao Oota

A brash, trigger-happy officer who often gets carried away while piloting, and can be loud and obnoxious. While being a fairly nice guy at heart, he puts all his effort into upholding justice and expects the rest of his team to do the same.

He is voiced by Michihiro Ikemizu, and James Wolfe / Martin McDougall (Manga movie dub) / Sam Regal (Bandai movie dub) / Richard Epcar (third movie).


Hiromi Yamazaki

The carrier driver for SV2, a gentle giant who was too big to fit in a standard Labor. In his hometown of Okinawa, Hiromi wanted to be a fisherman like his father, but realized he got seasick too easily. He is very strong, to the point where he has occasionally fired the weapons build for Labors. When not on duty, he takes care of the garden outside the SV2 building.

He is voiced by Daisuke Gouri, and Chunky Mon (OVA 1) / Gregory Wolfe (TV series)/ Sean Schemmel (P-Series) / Michael Fitzpatrick (Manga movie dub) / C.J. Mills (Bandai movie dub).


Mikiyasu Shinshi

A timid carrier driver for SV2, whom is the only married member of the team. He is talented with computer programming, and if anyone makes fun of him or his wife Tamiko, he can become so enraged that even Oota is intimidated. Shinshi is usually introverted and the main voice of reason for the team.

He is voiced by Issei Futamata, Johnny Asch / Ron Lepaz (Manga movie dub) / Joey Lotsko (Bandai movie dub).


Kanuka Clancy

A temporary officer on assignment from the New York Police Department, originally born in Hawaii. She is extremely skilled in every duty, and her piloting skills are even better than Oota’s. Kanuka is very serious and cold to all members of the team except Noa.

She is voiced by You Inoue, and Debora Rabbai / Tamsin Hollo (Manga movie dub) / Lisa Enochs (Bandai movie dub).

There are a few other characters, although not as common in the franchise...there's Shigeo Shiba (A.K.A. Mr. Shige), the energetic young mechanic for the SV2 team; Detective Matsui, Gotoh's best friend and source of inside information. Exclusive to the P-Series OVAs is Takeo Kumagami, a female pilot who stood in for Kanuka. She is level-headed and strong like Kanuka, but easily frightened.

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