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Maron Namikaze

The main character of Assemble Insert. She is a thirteen year-old schoolgirl who was born with natural strength, and she can easily warp metal with her bare hands. She is clumsy and a little self-conscious, but she always knows what's the right thing to do.

Her voice actresses are Hiroko Kasahara, and Jessica Calvello.

Chief Hattori

The leader of the Special Operations Anti-Demon Seed sector. He came up with (and submitted) the idol fighter plan when he was drunk, and to his chagrin, it was approved. Hattori is very supportive of Maron, but forces her into fame a little too hard. He is always seen with sunglasses and a cigarette (almost an anime version of Steve Dallas from "Bloom County").

He is voiced by Norio Wakamoto, and J. David Brimmer.

Prof. Kyozaburo Demon

The charismatic leader of the Demon Seed gang. He is arrogant and steals simply to have more. He encourages his masked minions to be frivolous with their shares, being confident that he'll always get more money. He despises Maron and the police, and is not afraid to have his robots attack Maron.

He is voiced by Chikao Outsuka, and Christopher William.

Kagiri Sonoba

A popular J-Pop idol, later Maron's rival (at least, not mutually). She is determined to win 'Best New Artist' at the music awards, and at one point, harbours hatred towards Maron for being so sporadically popular. Kagiri is still quite popular in the Special Operations office, and Taka-San is a big fan of her.

She is voiced by Maria Kawamura, and Mandy Bonhomme.

The Special Operations Anti-Demon Seed Team
The four guys who work with Chief Hatori. All of them are based on different artists. The tanned one (called "Taka-san" once) is based on Izubuchi Yutaka, the mecha designer for Patlabor, another series by Masami Yuuki. He is the only one who shows concern for Maron, and to not have glasses. The guy with thick eyebrows (he becomes Maron's schedulist) is based off of Shouji Kawamori, a mecha designer for Macross. The guy with the open mouth (whom barely speaks at all) is based off of Yutaka Yoneda, another Patlabor designer. The guy with no mouth (he is a bit perverted and constantly recording stats on Maron) is actually based on Masami Yuuki himself.
Professor Shimokobe

The tiny researcher whom the city office hired to design a robot suit for the chosen "idol". He originally started with a small, pilotable mecha, but changed to a small costume after finding out the winner was a girl. He becomes angry after Maron became a pop idol (he considers it a waste of his robosuit), and turns to helping the Demon Seed to prolong Maron's hero career.

He is voiced by Ichiro Nagai, and Christopher William.

R Ichiro Tanaka

The sleepy-looking character whom appears briefly in either OVA is actually a character from "Kyūkyoku Chōjin R", Masami Yuuki's first work. In his own series, one of his gimmicks is getting off of a bicycle as it's still moving. R is an airy, rice-loving android who begins to go to an otherwise normal high school.

He is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa, and Bill Rogers. 

Yoshiko Mikawa

Yoshiko was the first contestant for the idol search, and while she was strong and pretty, she was rejected because she bulged out like a muscleman when she flexed. She appears only briefly, but has a few fans in real life.

She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue, but her vocal track is the same in the English dub.

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