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While there aren't many diversified pages about Assemble Insert on the internet, I'm trying to compile as many of the best ones as possible. If you have a link to suggest, please send it to me here!
Oi, Hayaku's Review: An enthusiastic review of both episodes, complete with some pictures.
The Assemble Insert Page: The very first webpage about the show. Hasn't been updated in a decade, as evidenced by the claim that there is "no planned DVD release of Assemble Insert and (he doubts) that there ever will be".
Anime News Network's Info Page: A record of all the voice actors and companies involved.
Hiroko Kasahara's Homepage: The official website for Maron's voice actress!
Wikipedia's Article: Slightly informative, but only after heavy work on my part.
Anime Fringe's Review: Gives it an 86%. Reviewer seemed to greatly enjoy the series.
The AnimeCritic.Com's Review: Not as pleased as the above reviewer. Claims to have missed many of the jokes, and gave it two and a half stars (out of five).
Japanese Wikipedia: You won't be able to read this unless you're fluent, or if you have a translator, but this page had a lot of info on the series.
AnimeNewsNetwork.com's Buried Treasure: I was surprised to see Justin Sevakis choose Assemble Insert for April's segment (I almost thought it was a "Buried Garbage" article for a moment). I agree with a lot of things in this, and it's good to see someone else knows that R. Tanaka exists!
"Maron Learns to Drive": A fan fiction! A one-shot, set a year-and-a-half after the last OVA, when Hattori has to take Maron for driving practice. (I'm actually the author, to be honest...)
Kyukyoku Chojin R - The Scanlation: It's a work in progress! I strongly recommend you visit this page if you're interested in the series, and huge thanks to Nani_Lupin!

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