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Assemble Concert

Assemble Concert

In early 1990, a promotional concert was held featuring Hiroko Kasahara, Maron's voice actress. It was what is known in Japan as a "Character Concert", meaning Hiroko performed the entire thing in-character as Maron, and uses her voice when speaking between songs. There were eleven different songs that she performed. All of them are available on CD, but it was released on March 25th 1990, so it isn't be easily available. I do, however, have MP3 copies of the eleven songs, thanks to contributor David Chapman.
Only three of these songs were actually used in the anime, so I assume the rest are Hiroko's original songs, or covers of pop songs and even some anime intros. This concert would have been held around the time that OVA #2 was released. I kind of wish I could see the actual concert, because I've begun to think that Hiroko could have been in Maron's costume.
Once again, thanks to David Chapman for supplying me with these MP3s and the corrected album information. The following is the track order...
1) Assemble Insert (アッセンブル・インサート) : The concert starts off with a rock version of the theme song, including an entire new verse! This version isn't as wild as its commonheard counterpart, but it's definitely worth hearing.
2) Love & Power: This was the song Maron was supposed to sing on her TV debut, which also played at the near-end of OVA 2. I love this one! It starts out as country, but turns into rock.
3) Cafe Paradise: Upbeat and jazzy. This almost reminds me of 50's musicals soundtracks, like Grease. This was performed with the musical group Take The A-Train.
4) Teenage Dream: Starting off slightly Carribean, it becomes mostly synthesizer-rock classic to the eighties, soft and nostalgic.
5) Hard Boiled 'tte naani? (「ハ-ドボイルドってなあに?」) : This starts off with a little skit involing Maron trying to play the piano as she sings, but after several missteps, she gets backing on synthesizer and xylophone, and it becomes a pretty, soft and slow song.
6) The Medley: It's more of a fast-paced mix of the following songs, in this order...
  • Aitsu (あいつ) [Also the first OVA's ending theme]
  • Hoshizora no Horoscope (星空のホロ・スコープ)
  • Yuugure Toori de Fushigi Shite (夕暮れ通りで不思議して)
  • Ki Mama na Phantom (気ままなファントム)
  • Kokuhaku ~ Itoshi no Jose (告白~愛しのジョゼ)
  • Senaka na Naiteru (背中が泣いている)
  • Magical Kisetsu (マジカル季節)
  • Omatase Man no Uta (オマタセマンの歌)
7) Ihoujin - Assemble Version (異邦人「アッセンブル・ヴァ-ジョン」) : The title translates to "Strangers". This is actually a cover of an extremely popular song by Kubota Saki from 1979, and Maron introduces that before starting the song. It's soft and light, and oddly reminds me of some of the music from Magic User's Club.
8) Hachi Mitsuike no Mystery (蜂蜜池のミステリ-) : The title loosely translates to "Mystery of the Honey Lake". Soft, upbeat and jazzy, Maron introduces the members of her band about midway through the song.
9) Stand-By April: Energetic J-Pop rock, and Maron really gives her best singing it. It's rather delightful to listen to, and I'm fairly sure it's a cover of something.
10) Amairo no Yume no Tsubo (あま色の夢のつぼ) : Loosely translates to "Colour Pot of Dreams". This is the full version of the ending song from OVA #2. It's very slow and gentle, but soothing. Also features a brief saxaphone solo, and more instruments than the OVA version.
11. Neppu Shojo (熱風翔女) : The last song of the concert! Hiroko does a second version of the first OVA's main song, known to most as "Shiny Love". Hiroko's voice is softer in this version, and there is more guitar used. This ends with Maron thanking the crowd, and the crowd chanting "Maron!" over and over.
The album's original 1990 release charted on Japan's Oricon weekly charts for two weeks, reaching #80 out of 100. It was popular enough to get a re-release on December 21, 1991!

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